• 425 Malindi Mall, Kenya, Malindi
  • (+254) 700-875 540




ADDRESS 1447 - 80200 Malindi, Kenya
EMAIL ID nina@elimu.ca
PHONE NO (+254) 700-875 540
WEB ADDRESS http://www.elimu.ca


Elimu is the official trade name of Elimu Development Projects, a registered Canadian charity. To avoid overhead costs the “office” of Elimu is a virtual set up run from various home offices. That is why you will only find a P.O. Box address listed for us in Canada. All donors’ contributions go direct to Elimu projects.

ADDRESS P.O. Box 4765,
Ottawa, ON Canada K1S 5H9
EMAIL ID nina@elimu.ca
WEB ADDRESS http://www.elimu.ca

United States

Elimu-USA is an official 501C3 registered charitable organization. Based in Los Angeles, CA, this is the center for all office administration, book keeping, fundraising, and communications with volunteers offering their time and expertise to ensure no overhead costs.

ADDRESS 8383 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1000
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
EMAIL ID cindy@elimu-usa.org
WEB ADDRESS http://www.elimu-usa.org

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