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Video Testimonials

At Elimu, we are proud to be building a learning community. In the video clips below, you’ll hear firsthand from youth who have completed their high school studies and are getting on with life and from adults who make up part of the Elimu community.

Parent Testimonial: Mama Max Elimu Alumni - MAGDALENE: The first one in a family of nine to make it through school. Elimu Alumni - HADIJA: The first female in her village to complete high school. Meet Peninah Charo - Elimu Sewing Graduate (2016) Elimu Alumni - MARGARET: High school graduate heading for a career in travel. Donor Testimonial: Tom Craven Elimu Alumni - JACKSON: From school drop out to high school graduate and entrepreneur. Teacher Testimonial: Rodgers Wesonga Elimu Alumni - IBRAHIM: As a kid he didn’t know he had talent … today he knows he is a designer. Elimu Alumni - BRIAN: From drop out to college student with big hopes for his career.how to add video in html by Elimu.ca v3.1

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Learning about Vasco da Gama

At Elimu, we like to find ways to make learning relevant. Getting heads out of books to experience the lesson hands on is one of our favourite activities. A group of 34 Grade 6 – 8 students joined us last month for a tour of several historical sites in Malindi. They learned how Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese explorer on his way to India, stopped in Malindi and the impact he had. They visited the Portuguese Chapel, the first church in East Africa (now an historical monument), where some of Vasco da Gama’s confreres are buried.

They also experienced tribal cultures from the Coast region at the local museum. The lessons learned will be useful at school and help to bring what they learn in textbooks to life. With schools opening in Kenya this week, Read More...

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Elimu Podcast

Shot live at Elimu Resource Centre, our podcasts offer a peak into the lives, challenges and experiences of students, interns, staff and even prominent visitors to the Centre. Get to know us here.

Elimu Resource Centre Podcast - Interview with County Government Representatives Elimu's First Podcast - About Elimu Resource Centre Elimu Resource Centre Podcast - About Boarding School. Elimu Intern: MARYANNE - How she Explored her Career as an Elimu Internhow to add video in html by Elimu.ca v3.1