Heri Ministeries Sewing Project


Heri Ministries Sewing College was established in 2002 with the goal of providing more than just technical skills. The school offers a positive, Christian-based learning and living environment and personal counselling. In Kenya and especially in Coast Province where Malindi is situated, many youth suffer from low employment and debilitating poverty. The surrounding rural communities practice a variety of detrimental customs including men marrying multiple wives, marriage of girls as young as 12 or 13, bride price (where a family benefits from a valuable gift of cows and cash in exchange for a daughter) and witchcraft (which ostracizes and terrorizes the victim). Some tribal communities also practice female genital mutilation (also known as female circumcision).

Heri Ministries Sewing Project Offers an Alternative

Heri Ministries takes teenage girls from difficult backgrounds and equips them with sewing skills in order to guide them towards becoming independent members of their communities. Many graduates have been able to help provide for their families.
The sewing college trains students in dress-making and tailoring and prepares them for their national trade certificate exams. The sewing program normally takes 2 years and can be pursued full- or part-time. During the course students learn to handle customers, to cost out their work and to maintain a foot pedal operated sewing machine. Upon graduation, they are quickly able to start their own business and stand on their own feet.

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You can help give a young woman a brighter future by sponsoring her to attend Heri Ministries Sewing College.

*Two years school fees, plus a sewing machine - $1280.
*1st year school fees - $440
*2nd year school fees - $590
*Sewing machine - $250
*Exam kit for one student (scissors, needles, thread, bobbin) - $20
*Fabrics for two weeks of sewing projects for one student - $15

Prices are based on an average conversion of Kenyan shillings to Canadian dollars and on 2014 prices. Click the donate button above to add your contribution and help us give these young woman a chance to start up their own sewing business.


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