‘Stay in School’ Sponsorship Project

“Elimu will be gradually expanding its reach and ability to assist more children with education through our new school sponsorship program. This project supports children identified as being at high risk of dropping out of school. “ – Nina Chung, President, Elimu

April, 2015 – Nina attends the Digital Reading Summit in Nairobi hosted by WorldReader a US-based NGO working with publishers, libraries and schools in Africa to create and deliver digital content to children using eReader technology. Elimu is researching the use of digital media to improve Kenyan students’ access to curriculum content for classroom and revision exercises.

November, 2014– One of Elimu’s School Sponsorship high school graduates, Jackson started work as a dealer in mobile phone credit, servicing shops and small businesses around Malindi. He is the first of our program graduates to find formal work and begin establishing himself for the future. Along with the daily job, he is pursuing a driving course and German lessons.

August, 2014 – Elimu’s mentorship seminar for high school students was expanded this year to include Grade 7s and 8s who are preparing for high school in the near future. We also invited parents for the first time and reviewed responsibilities on all sides for educating the children in the program.

April, 2014 - During school holidays, Elimu sponsored high school students benefit from remedial tutoring. They work in small groups and the program encourages self-directed learning, while providing teachers to cover weak areas that need revision. It’s also a chance to learn how things are done at other schools and to share notes. The program will continue in the next holidays.

January, 2013 – Elimu's new Stay in School Sponsorship Project is launched. 17 children sponsored to various schools (various levels of education from kindergarten to high school.)

August, 2013 – First high school seminar offered by Elimu for students from their various projects. Among the presenters for the day is Mr. Mohammed, a high school teacher of the Kenyan Teachers Service Commission, who was once sponsored through Elimu’s founder to complete his B.A. in Education. He’s now been teaching for 5 years

September, 2012 – Nina assists a Mum with HIV to keep her three boys in school until they are accepted at the local government school in January. The concept for the “Stay in School” Sponsorship Project takes shape.