In the Beginning

As founder of Elimu, I’ve always felt that our charitable activities have a certain “life of their own”. Elimu has grown slowly through small steps taken by our team and lovingly supported by a community of generous hearts.” – Nina Chung, President, Elimu

July, 2009 – Jan Wood spends 3 months in Kenya sharing her professional expertise in helping develop the strategy for creating a charitable organization. While there she assists in tutoring the children of Nyumbani Kwetu. She later becomes Secretary to the Elimu board.

December, 2008 – Children of “Nyumbani Kwetu” reach 14 in total. Nina begins looking into managing the household in the manner of a children’s home. Rents house; hires housemother and sets up meal plan.

January, 2005 – First Elimu-sponsored kids start learning. James (age 6) enters Kindergarten Level 3; Joseph (age 4) Kindergarten Level 1. School fees paid by Nina. Backpacks and uniforms purchased by friends from Canada. The idea for Elimu germinates.

December, 2004 – 30 young people are sponsored by friends and family for vocational training in tailoring, mechanics and carpentry at various facilities around Malindi, including Heri Ministries Sewing College. The seed of an idea for Elimu is planted.

September, 2004 – Elimu founder, Nina Chung arrives in Kenya on a 2-year volunteer posting.











“I’ve been in Kenya and able to be hands-on with our projects several times over the years. This has given me the unique opportunity of watching these kids evolve; growing into confident young people as they acquire more self-esteem and see for themselves just what amazing things they are capable of.” Jan Wood, Secretary, Elimu