Upendo Nursery School Building Project …

“Elimu works closely with local partners and advisors in Kenya to ensure that the children and communities we serve are supported in a way that suits their cultural and socio-economic conditions.”Kamotho Ndung’u, Financial Administrator, Elimu

January 2015 – Upendo offers Grade 1 and Grade 2 at the newly built facility, which means 2 classes in some classrooms. But the newly built large rooms are able to accommodate this set-up and more children benefit from learning in their neighbourhood. Enrollment is around 125.

November, 2014 – Elimu hosted a follow up to the management training for Upendo Early Childhood Education Centre. The 3-day seminar focused on reviewing their activities this year and looking at strategies for future development.

January, 2014 – Upendo Early Childhood Education Centre (Nursery School) starts the new school year at its brightly painted and fully completed facility. (Enrollment jumps from 65 students to close to 100.) The day-to-day running of the school continues to be the responsibility of the local community.

December, 2013 –After the outdoor painting and installation of the gate, Upendo Nursery School Building Project is complete!

August, 2013 – Fourth classroom built at Upendo Nursery School (to house “baby class” day care program).

December, 2012 – Third classroom built for Upendo Nursery School and first management training seminar hosted by Elimu. Also first KG3 graduates (those moving on to Grade 1) from the new location.

September, 2012 – Upendo Nursery School moves into the new two-room school building. Learning begins in earnest.

March, 2012 – Volunteers from the Sabaki Village community turn out to dig the foundation for the first classroom for Upendo Nursery School. The class is completed in April.

October, 2011 – Upendo latrine toilets are built. Momentum builds both among the local Sabaki Village community and amongst the Elimu team and their partners. Fundraising continues.

April, 2010 – Elimu meets with Upendo Self Help Group who request assistance in building a standard facility for their existing community-based nursery school program.











“The Upendo Nursery School Building Project moved ahead steadily with a new classroom built each time enough funds were raised.” Maureen Monaghan, Treasurer, Elimu