Founder's Story

Nyumbani Kwetu

A Sponsored Home for Children

Elimu’s founding project and our founder, Nina Chung’s Kenyan family: Nyumbani Kwetu Home has supported 15 children through their learning and growth. These children were abandoned to their grandmother’s care, who was unable to provide for them. In 2006, Nina stepped into the gap to make sure they got regular nutrition, health care and education. All living expenses are still handled by Elimu. Nina is still involved in their daily lives. Most are now teenagers and young adults. All of them call her Mum.

It Means “Our Place”

Nyumbani Kwetu means “Our Place” in Swahili. The home is currently under the care of one of the birth mothers. We also encourage extended family members to play a role to keep the family heritage alive. Nyumbani Kwetu Home has been a stable and healthy living environment for these children who have grown over the years in self-esteem, confidence and physical and mental health. So far eight have graduated from high school — the first in their families to do so. Three have completed college while others continue with post secondary studies.

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.” - Aristotle