I Am Empowered

Forming Entrepreneurs

Elimu Sewing Project takes vulnerable rural girls and forms them into confident business owners with modern digital skills.

At home in their villages, girls are vulnerable to …

Unequal Access to Education - 18% do not go to high school

Risk of Child Bride - 23% get married off before 18

No voice. No choice - Girls are often not consulted about the things that have a huge effect on their futures.

Detrimental local practices:

  • • bride price where a family benefits from a valuable gift of livestock and cash in exchange for a daughter.
  • • witchcraft which ostracizes and terrorizes the victim.
  • • female genital mutilation or FGM, also known as female circumcision.

How Does Sewing Make a Difference?

With sewing skills and their own machine, these girls start gaining income. That changes their status in the community. They find a voice and independence. They support their parents’ living needs. They put younger siblings through school. No one wants to marry them off then. They make their own choices.

"If you have a sewing machine, you should never sleep hungry!"

- Madam Linet, Head Teacher, Heri Ministries Sewing College, Malindi

Meet the Alumni

We asked graduates, “What were you before you joined Elimu Sewing Project?”

Then we asked them, “and what are you now?”
Before …

  • - Hopeless
  • - Weak
  • - Downtrodden
  • - Stuck
  • - Penniless
  • - Dependent
  • - Forced
  • - Voiceless

Now! Hear the Voice of Empowerment …

Click the video clips below to hear what empowerment sounds like for a rural girl in Kenya …

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Will you help us empower more young women in Kenya?

Here are examples of what your contribution will provide:

  • Sewing supplies $25

  • Stock of fabric $50

  • Exam Kit for practicals $120

  • Sewing Machine & Table $300

  • First Year Tuition Fees $750

  • Second Year Tuition Fees $950

  • Full Sponsorship $2,000

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