Rosemary Nyambura

Communications Coordinator

Rosemary brings years of experience to the Elimu team in the creation and implementation of communications strategies, especially for digital media and media relations. With her strength in storytelling and love of the written word, she showcases the success stories from our program beneficiaries to share with those who make it all possible. Rosemary manages Elimu’s social media platforms and website, keeping Elimu’s image lively and up-to-date. With her keen eye and ability to see into peoples’ character, she manages the photography and videography needs at Elimu. You will find Rosemary behind the camera at most Elimu events and activities, though she also gains a lot of joy training the youth interns under her charge.

Rosemary has a degree in BSc. Journalism and Mass Communication from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. She coordinates Elimu’s internal and external communications efforts and develops the annual communications plan. Her efforts have helped to increase visibility amongst key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, other government bodies and program partners. She also manages the front desk operations at Elimu Resource Centre ensuring a welcoming environment for our guests. Her sensitivity to the connectedness of people and her training in human-centered design thinking have motivated her to find solutions to challenges facing her community especially the youth. She thrives in a team-focused environment and enjoys the challenge of working with others to co-create and implement the educational and skills development programs at Elimu. At Elimu, she has found the means to integrate her career goals with the social impact goals for her own life.