Cindy Rodriguez

Cindy Rodriguez

Cindy Rodriguez is inspired by delivering education and empowerment to women and girls. She holds MAs in Curriculum and Instruction and Education Leadership. She has had an active hand in charity work ranging from assisting Latino students with scholarships to the development of preschools in Darfur/Chad refugee camps before diving into Elimu Girls as her main charitable focus. She believes providing a voice, choice, and a bank account to marginalized female communities will disrupt the cycles of poverty, child bride rituals, and female genital mutilation practices.

As a thought leader in education, a prior teacher & K-8 administrator, Cindy’s education background promotes Elimu Girls reaching their full potential. She is also passionate about creating pathways for female entrepreneurship. Cindy and Nina Chung, Elimu Founder, have collaborated on the development of Elimu Sewing Project since 2013 following Cindy’s first visit to Kenya. In her free time, she enjoys baking, cooking, travel, running with her two dogs, and being an active mom.

Elimu Girls engages U.S. audiences to support the empowerment of vulnerable rural Kenyan girls through Elimu Sewing Project, and is an initiative of Elimu-USA, an official 501(c)3 charitable organization.


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