Neema Mutanu

Neema Mutanu

With a degree in Fashion Design from Kenyatta University, Neema is the first trained fashion designer to work at Elimu. She builds on her creativity with a good foundation in organization and planning skills and a high level of flexibility. Her past experience includes working with community projects engaging young women in economic development.

Neema leads the Elimu Sewing Project where she oversees key project areas including Elimu’s Artisan Makers Space and the Elimu Girls’ sewing sponsorship program. She joined the Elimu team to support the agenda of long-term sustainability for the organisation. Through collaboration, she is helping to create opportunities for economic growth for our sewing alumni. She is also steering the development of the Artisan Makers Space to increase the type and breadth of skills we offer our sewing alumni and to scale it to make it available to more artisans in the Malindi community. She manages Elimu’s Fashion and Design program which aims to journey with our sewing graduates to foster thriving tech-savvy artisans. Neema also leads the Pendo Artisan Ragdoll production, supporting Elimu’s engagement with various partners in Kenya and abroad to develop new markets for the doll.

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