Successful Business Mom Shares her Joy

Elimu Resource Centre
byElimu Resource Centre

Teresia is a single Mum with two children. In the past, this little family was used to going to bed hungry. In 2017, Elimu stepped in to take her oldest boy, Franklin to high school. This took one huge burden off her shoulders. In the same, year we helped Teresia to start up a home-based business making soap and bleach.

She sells her products to neighbours and to others around the community. Since she started her business, Teresia is able to feed her children and pay their rent. We recently visited Teresia and her great progress was evident. She has progressed so well that she could not hide the happiness from us. “My business has really helped me, and I thank God that right now I have loyal customers that always use my soap products.

Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.

We exchanged contacts and whenever they are in need they call me in advance so I have a ready market”, she told us. “Through this business I have been able to pay school fees of my second born daughter as Elimu caters for the first one, and as at now I have cleared my fees I don’t have any balances whatsoever.” She added with a smile.

To help parents of our sponsored students gain more independence, Elimu started a savings and loan group for them, which we always refer to as Small Internal Lending Community (SILC). Teresia is among the lucky ones to be part of it. SILC has been of great help to these parents as they are taught how to save and through saving they can get small loans for their small business or to handle expenses. We are proud of people like Teresia who help us see the fruits of our work. She is finally able to stand on her own and take care of her family as a happy single mum.