“We want to have innovative ideas, and that is why we came to Elimu Resource Centre, so that we can learn from you and of course by including participation from the public” said Honorable, Dr. Anisa Omar, the newly appointed C.E.C (County Minister) of Youth, Gender, Culture, Social Services and Sports, as part of her opening remarks. This was during her visit to the Centre, accompanied by her team in search of best innovative ideas and highly effective operating procedures that can be adapted by her ministry for quality performance and for the benefit of Kilifi County communities, the youth and vulnerable groups of the society.

It was such a humbling experience to see that the government came to us to learn by borrowing from our best ideas and adapting our approaches to fit their needs. We warmly received them and our president had the honor of touring them around the resource Centre before they settled in for presentations. We gave them brief presentations of our mandates and the impacts that we have in our various projects amongst the youth and vulnerable children and women of Malindi and Kilifi County at large. We briefly shared with them short presentations under our three pillars of education, entrepreneurship and empowerment, guided by one of our core values of collaboration. This was a fundamental meeting that we hope will enable us to collaborate with key stakeholders and make even greater impacts in future. One of the presentations that really got everyone’s attention was about the offline digital learning platform, known as Kolibri, which we have been using in schools to deliver quality educational content and are working hard now to make it accessible to children that have currently been at home due to COVID-19 pandemic.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

It is only through benchmarking, that superior performance can be achieved because no one can corner all the good ideas. In view of this reality, we as Elimu also learnt something from this great team. They shared with us about mentorship and indeed it is a leaf we felt was important to borrow, in order to help us mentor our sponsored children and generally all the students that frequent our Centre. It is always important to consider the experience of other people through exposure to new ideas and approaches. The benchmarking experience often spurs extraordinary insights and breakthrough thinking and we are glad that this was achieved! Thank you Hon. Dr. Anisa for your most welcome visit and for bringing with you such a great team of thought leaders and role models for our youth.


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