In Kenya’s Coast including Malindi where Elimu is based, it isn’t easy for young people to get the computer training they need to succeed in today’s IT-centric world. As a digital hub for learners, we want Elimu Resource Centre to play its part in improving digital proficiency and producing a qualified modern young work force.

That’s why we established the first Cisco Networking Academy in Kilifi County at the Centre. In May 2019, Anthony joined Elimu as a certified Cisco instructor after a successful Cisco training at Kenyatta University. He is an IT enthusiast with a degree from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in Information Technology (IT). He loves everything tech and enjoys working with youth, “It is something that has grown in me that I have an obligation to always offer direction and support. It moves my heart when my students ask for direction. I am always glad to help them find the next thing and make the right decisions for their future.” He says. “Working with the youth has gradually moulded me to become someone who minds about the community, someone who is a guide of the youth.”

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

Anthony has been keen on engaging and sensitizing the youth through community-based activities and helping them to understand the importance of technology which today is found in every part of life. “Something that I have had keen interest in is women in IT, I have trained more than 60 students but the number of girls or rather women has remained low. Recently I came across a challenge being run by Cisco, offering a free Cyber Security course as a Learn-a-thon and I opted to have Elimu Resource Centre participate. There were limited number of participants for instructors and am glad I secured the chance. I started enrolling women and girls in the course which will be running from 1st to 22nd April 2021 and am targeting to have 30 girls in the challenge,” he narrates.

At the launch of Elimu’s Cisco NetCad, we initially offered only the IT Essentials courses. Over time, Anthony has managed to increase his knowledge and improve his skills by adding more Cisco courses to his track record. This has upgraded Elimu’s Cisco NetAcad course list. We are now offering a range of courses from Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Networking and Programming among others. Students seeking to gain computer skills through Cisco Networking Academy are now assured of getting the best from Elimu. Thanks to our Cisco Instructor Mr. Anthony Mung’aa we are sure that the community of Malindi as a whole will grow in digital proficiency and produce more young people with 21st Century Skills for today’s work force.


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