“Sometimes we just have to step up to the plate. Kids come to us with amazing potential—it is only their lot in life that leads them to drop out of school. The need is growing and so this year, we took a few additional students. We are relying on our community of support, who have come through for us for nearly 20 years now!” – Nina Chung, President/Founder, Elimu

Education is the key to unlocking one’s full potential. It can remarkably transform lives, break down barriers, and open up new opportunities. In this article, you will Benjamin, whose story is a testament to the profound impact of Elimu Resource Centre on the local community. When we reflect on the lives transformed by our programs, Benjamin’s stands out as an inspiring example. Throughout Benjamin’s engagement with Elimu, he has demonstrated how exposure and knowledge acquisition is shaping his destiny and positively impacting his society. Click here to see how our Stay in School Project is reducing drop-out rates in Coastal Kenya.

Benja’s journey with Elimu began when he first met our Founder, Nina Chung, as a young boy when his Mum was having trouble keeping him in kindergarten. He had a great zeal for learning despite the challenges at home. Today, he is becoming a math guru at his high school. Nina is back in Kenya for a couple months and Benjamin lost no time finding her to proudly announce his recent 100% exam results in math! He is also a winner at the national mathematics competitions that are run through all the schools each year. He has been in the top 3 for the local and regional competition and will now be heading to the national level in Nairobi, the country’s capital. He is a remarkable example of the transformative impact of Elimu in society. He will not only be representing his school but he is also an ambassador for Elimu. His story is just one of many we are blessed to share.

We are currently financing school fees for 61 students; 47 in high school, 9 in college and 3 in primary school. The cost of living has greatly increased since the pandemic and parents are struggling more than ever with school fees, uniforms, textbooks and all that is required to keep their children in school. Our goal is to mentor these young ones and fulfill their dreams by providing education support.  You can help us keep Benjamin in school, along with the rest. One semester of high school costs us about $220 at current fees. Our total budget this term is over $10,000 for high schoolers along.

Join us in achieving this goal and be part of our children’s journey towards success in their education!

Click here to give a contribution to our Stay in School Project.



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