One of the missions of Elimu’s Digitech Lab is to promote digital and computer literacy to the community at large. Although our focus is youth, Elimu Resource Centre readily serves anyone looking for skills to improve their work potential and earning power. We partner with organizations to offer computer skills to their employees. This month, our Digitech space has been active with computer training for the North Rangers Trust Conservancy. For two weeks, five rangers, men and women, were taken through intensive classes of basic computer skills with the aim to enable them to do their reporting and data entry digitally.

“In this era of technology, without computer literacy, you have no future.”

Many come from rural backgrounds and have little or no prior exposure with computers. These training sessions at the Centre were their first attempt at operating a computer. As adults with only basic education, their ability to cope with the world of computers was a challenge for them. But our Cisco instructor is very passionate about helping them navigate the digital world. He patiently guided them through the basic components of the computer. With his usual friendly approach he motivates his students to actively participate. The hands-on practical experience made every ranger comfortable with the learning process.

By the end of the training, they were all able to use various applications, type and organise reports, create a presentation, and use email for official communications. What’s more, all passed the training assessment test showing that they left with the comprehensive computer skills they need for their jobs. Each ranger earned a certificate of completion. They were ecstatic to receive their first-ever certificate and rightly felt proud of their achievements.


For Elimu, it is a joy and an honor to be able to empower these workers to embrace technology. We know that every one of them represents a plus to the overall development of the rural communities where they work.


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