Maggie represents the amazing girls we have in our Cisco Networking Academy that we are so proud of girls in the tech world! She joined the Elimu Cisco Networking Academy with the objective of broadening her IT knowledge since she wishes to pursue an IT oriented course when she joins campus.

We caught up with her at her home, and indeed the sight itself was a clear indication of disruption. With Kenyan girls, house chores are a mandatory duty, and with people ‘staying at home’, there is so much to be done. Maggie seems to have adapted to that and still manages to create time for her personal studies. After the indefinite closure, she really wanted to continue learning. She doesn’t have a laptop but was able to get hold of a tablet.

“Girls Power Tech is a global mentoring event that inspires 6000 young women each year to pursue careers in STEM and technology.”

“Using the tablet was a bit tedious because of the small fonts so I was forced to keep zooming in and out hence consuming a lot of time. Also the Cisco pages didn’t fit on the screen so I would keep scrolling left and right.” she says. Later on she got access to a laptop but still her problems weren’t completely solved. Her major problem now is the internet connection since she uses a mobile phone hotspot to connect Wi-Fi to her laptop for her studies but it is extremely slow since the phone isn’t that powerful. She has only managed to finish one chapter of her IT Essentials course.

Nduta says she can’t wait for this unprecedented period of the pandemic to be over soon, because she is eager to finish her course! In the meantime, her tenacious nature is sure to bring success.


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