Ann’s motorcycle taxi business is how she provides for herself and her four children. When she was invited to join a free Cisco computer training program at Elimu Resource Centre she was skeptical at first. But she enquired and realized it was for real. She received free training and today exclaims that “you cannot dispute my computer knowledge!” She now confidently accesses the government e-portals for licensing and registration. Now that she can do this on her own, she finds that she saves money she would otherwise spend on long sessions at the cyber café.

“My name is Ann Nthambi Matheka. I am a mother of four children and I am a female Boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) driver. In my pursuit of my Bodaboda driving I came across an organization called CISCO which was funding Bodaboda taxi drivers to get computer training. We were being taught at Elimu Resource Centre and the truth is, we never paid even a coin.

At first, I wondered what kind of school are we going to without money? So I went and confirmed, and sure enough we were never asked for even 10 Shillings or admission fee or anything.

“You know, you do need mentors, but in the end, you really just need to believe in yourself.”

We learnt and we graduated — for free. We even ate – all for Free! Personally since I was born I have never interacted with a computer. I used to see them but never knew how they operate. But the invitation to be there and the recognition given, especially to me as a woman — I felt I had entered another level!

That organization taught us about computers! Right now – I am thankful – I studied and graduated! I have a certificate! I am really thankful. I have risen to another level because you can’t dispute my computer knowledge!

Since I received training on CISCO at Elimu Resource Centre things are now flowing well! If I want to renew my license, things to do with ecitizen, opening a TIMS account, things to do with the log book, when I go to the cyber cafe I don’t need much assistance because now I know. I even ease up the work of the person serving me.

Since I got this knowledge, I no longer spend much money on cyber services. That amount has reduced, since I only need little guidance. So the money I used to spend, I am now saving, and all this has been made possible through CISCO. May CISCO excel under God’s umbrella of protection!”

Elimu Resource Centre hosts the first Cisco Networking Academy in Kilifi County in Kenya.
Watch her brief video here;


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