Between August and October, ten primary school boys and girls came to Elimu Resource Centre for computer literacy classes at our Digitech lab. They were mentees to our long-time volunteer, Quinter Achieng’. They had been struggling with their literacy skills at school and showed great curiosity about how computers operate. The first day as they sat behind their computers at the lab to start their learning was filled with excitement!

Our volunteers Lavender and Hosea took turns to train these eager minds on how to operate a computer, access Microsoft office applications, and type on Microsoft Word. For all of them, this was their first serious interaction with computers. During their mentorship sessions with Quinter, they had seen her use her laptop to teach them values and life skills, and they desired to be a pro just like her.

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.”

Taking this computer course impacted greatly their ability to read and write, their skills in computer operations improved and consequently, their grades at school are getting better since they enjoy typing their homework and reading stories on Quinter’s laptop.

“I am happy most of them can read fluently now. They can start and shut down the computer using the right procedure, and they can type and edit using Microsoft Word effortlessly. Their self-esteem has improved significantly.” Says Quinter.

These children come from very poor families, and to excel in school, they need the support of mentors such as Quinter. At Elimu Resource Centre, they feel safe and comfortable learning as much as they can every weekend and whenever they are on school holiday breaks.

The new competency-based curriculum in Kenya has digital literacy as a key focus but under-resourced schools don’t have the technology required to deliver the curriculum. Elimu bridges the gap by offering our DigiTech Lab as an off-site or distance learning solution for learners. Elimu provides the resources and the learning environment, along with training support. This way, children will not miss out on critical 21st century skills they need to succeed in their school work and prepare to enter the job market.


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