Since the founding of Elimu, we have championed the access of education for vulnerable learners in the coastal region of Kenya. Over the years, with the growing complexities in the national economies and social systems, Elimu has seen the need to shift from merely facilitating access to education, to providing solutions for vulnerable children, youth and adults to achieve their life goals at every stage of their learning.

Many young people are stranded after graduating high school. Unemployment, lack of business opportunities and uncertainty of the future often sends young people into spirals of despair and hopelessness. Elimu provides alternatives and role models to the youth so they can find hope for the future.

Using digital technology, we provide the skills and resources young people need to achieve their life goals. Our Cisco Networking Academy has been Elimu’s solution for providing hands-on digital experience to prepare youth, especially after high school graduation, for future study and work in the modern job market. By offering discounted rates for the Cisco courses, many young people have been able to pursue introductory courses to IT and in the end, discovered careers in the tech space.

“During such times of uncertainty, the youth need our support to forge ahead”

“Once I learned of the many opportunities available for me if I am tech-savvy, I have not stopped learning. I am now enrolled for an advanced networking course at the Cisco Networking academy and I believe this will set me a part.” says Jeffa.

We have also realized over time the urgent need to provide the youth with a safe space for learning, networking and sharing knowledge. This way, they interact with experts in their fields of study and work, and are linked to mentors or business and internship opportunities. These platforms expose the youth to opportunities to build the relevant skills with which they can improve their quality of life and achieve their career related goals.

Our annual Youth Info Forums and Youth Innovation Forums have proven just how much need there is to continually encourage the growth of a socially-connected youth who are proactive and ready to take advantage of emerging opportunities. These forums are empowering the youth in the coastal region of Kenya to believe in their potential to compete in the global workspace. We believe that if our youth see the power of working together, they will be open to sharing knowledge and co-creating programs that offer solutions to the challenges in their communities.

By actively contributing towards skills development amongst the youth, we have seen better progress in the success of our programs. Our desire is to nurture resilience and competence in the youth so that they can find purpose and motivation to thrive amidst the numerous socio-economic challenges that confront them in daily life.

To successfully implement skills development programs for youth, we need the collaboration of key players in the education sector. Both government and independent institutions can offer a network of solutions and resources that we can employ to more effectively run our programs for the greater success of the youth we serve. As a team, Elimu is working hard to make these connections and enhance our programs for youth. With the help of our generous dedicated supporters, we will succeed.


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Elimu empowers learners to increase academic and digital literacy, improve school retention and encourage self-sustainability through employment planning and entrepreneurship. 

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