Elimu’s Cisco Networking Academy has rolled out new courses! We are now offering CCNA 2 & CCNA3 courses. Our Cisco instructor, Anthony Mung’aa, recently completed his Cisco CCNA 2 & CCNA 3 certificates and is now accredited to train on the respective courses at Elimu’s Cisco Networking Academy. These professional courses empower youth to become more valuable to potential employers

“ With a CCNA certificate, a young person stands out in the job market; you are knowledgeable enough to grow a career in IT even without a college degree and for graduates, if you are looking for a job today in the IT field, it is very helpful to have a certification that complements your college degree. Professional certificates show your employer that you are hands-on and bring more value to the company,” Says Anthony.

Professional certificates prepare young people to be global problem solvers.

Globally, over 9 million young people have taken Cisco Networking Academy courses. Since its inception in 2019, our Cisco Networking Academy has trained fifty young IT enthusiasts in Malindi. Many of these have Gotten IT-related jobs like, data entry clerks, office maintenance and networking. Some have established businesses as computer technicians and graphic design business; while others have gone on to further studies at the college level.

Albert, one of the current students at the academy has this to say about his experience, “I just completed my IT Essentials course where I gained comprehensive understanding of computer networks and also how to trouble shoot. Computers excite me, every time I come across computing devices; I want to know more about how they work. I see technology is changing every day and I feel I have to be up-to-date with the trends. My next step is to advance with CCNA.”

In a world that is ever evolving and increasingly fast-paced, young people need 21st Century skills and tools to be able to solve today’s problems, and innovate for the future. Establishing a career in IT is one of the ways young people can remain relevant in the job market and bring more value to their workplace. At Elimu’s Cisco Networking Academy, we give young people a chance to compete in the high-paced working world that they otherwise would not have access to.


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