In Kenya, school holidays are not only about relaxing and hanging out with friends. Most Kenyans students have come home with a long list of holiday homework which they will have to present to their teachers upon opening school in January. For many students, the holidays are the only time they can get their hands on the textbooks they need for their courses.

That was our main motivation for starting the Centre – to give children access to the books and other resources that many don’t get access to in class. Both primary and high school classrooms are generally 50-60 pupils especially in public schools and often there are only 1-3 textbooks available. Kids rely on long notes written across several blackboards around the classroom. This is all they have to study from for their courses. No wonder so many are struggling to achieve averages above 50%!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Schools in Kenya closed at the end of October and the Elimu Resource Centre has been steadily filling up. As usual even the balconies have become study halls to make room for as many students as possible. The new ERC which opened in February this year can hold 250-300 students at a time.

We are now able to help many more children to access the resources and conducive study environment they need to succeed in the classroom. We are grateful to all our supporters who help us to keep the resource centre going.

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