Early this month Elimu CEO/Co-Founder, Kamotho, and the Director of Programs, Jonah enrolled in the Kurumbuka Leadership Training Program : Abundant Leadership Institute which was held in Uganda. The one-year advanced leadership certificate program aims at molding leaders to develop a community-focused vision that will transform leaders and their organizations. 16 executive leaders from various organizations, both nonprofit and enterprises, participated in this two-week training. They will continue to study online for the rest of the training period

Key to the training program was a topic on “Abundant Leadership Foundation” which guided these leaders on recognizing tendencies and learning to operate from an abundance mentality. It also helped them realize that as leaders, their perspectives and attitudes have a profound impact on the entire community that they serve.

This was a special moment for our leaders because, since the inception of Elimu, they have pioneered programs, been in charge of the Elimu Kenyan staff team, and generally worked to ensure Elimu’s growth in every way.

“Investing in visionary leaders empowers them to facilitate transformation in their own communities and beyond.”

Jonah joined Elimu in its earlier days as a volunteer and with his experience in program coordination, he helped bring the idea of a community resource center to life. Under his leadership, Elimu won a prize as the 2nd best community library in Kenya, in 2018 only two years after we settled into the new Elimu Resource Centre premises.

“This training program instigated a paradigm shift from seeing situations from a point of need to viewing situations from a point of the strengths we possess. I was reminded daily to start by appreciating what we have before seeking how others can contribute.” Jonah notes with a smile.

Kamotho has worked closely with Founder and President, Nina Chung, from the beginning when Elimu was still an idea. Together they have spent long hours brainstorming and designing approaches to reach out to the most vulnerable learners in the Malindi community.

Kamotho is the team leader of Elimu’s Kenya team. Under his guidance, the team works together to provide solutions for vulnerable children, youth, and adults to achieve their life goals at every stage of their learning.

Kamotho notes, “I was reminded of my role in building a healthy workplace where my team works together and efficiently. A space where everyone participates and has ownership over the journey. A workplace where there is true joy and trust among the team.”

As Elimu moves forward to embracing sustainability approaches to its projects, we are confident that we are going to make progress with our top leaders sharpened to lead from a renewed perspective. Elimu continues to be grateful to these leaders who, since the beginning have given their lives, skills, and time, over and beyond, to Elimu’s course. What an honour!


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