In this series of eMagazine articles, we introduce you to our recent team of youth volunteers who have shown true heroism in the way they contributed to the growth of our organization.

Esther brings to the Elimu team a wealth of knowledge in community service. Since completing her degree in social work in 2018, Esther has been building up experience through volunteering with various organizations serving the community. She started volunteering with us in August and has been particularly drawn to working with the girls of our sewing project. She assists during their regular Friday lessons guiding them in digital literacy and social skills.

At Elimu Resource Centre, she serves guests at the front office and helps lead the computer training. She enjoys teaching and sharing knowledge; she recently supported us in transferring computer literacy skills to “Bodaboda” motorcycle taxi drivers as part of a special program offered free of charge through our Cisco Networking Academy.

Her time at the Centre has helped Esther to explore her ability to lead teams and plan for events. With her background in social work, she supports our social welfare officer with the beneficiaries of our stay in school project. She has also been instrumental in gathering stories and reporting the progress of the girls in our sewing project.

Over time, she has polished her reporting skills, as she states, “This period has contributed greatly to my career growth. I now approach tasks with more confidence and precision. While before I dreaded reporting, I have now mastered the skill of effective reporting in a way that shows impact and aligns to the mission of Elimu.”

Esther is driven by a desire to do more with her life. She is always challenging herself to excel particularly when faced with obstacles. She aspires to work in a space where she is impacting the lives of under privileged girls.

Elimu provides a conducive environment where Esther is able to explore her potential in leadership and teamwork. We are sure that as she advances in her career goals she is sure inspire many young women and men who will interact with her.


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