In this series of eMagazine articles, we introduce you to our recent team of youth volunteers who have shown true heroism in the way they contributed to the growth of our organization.

Hosea Kamau at just 20 years old is the true definition of calmness and poise. From a devout Christian family, he has grown up very close to his church. His parents are small business owners and have passed on a spirit of entrepreneurship to their son who is always testing out solutions to challenges. Hosea uses this inspiration to find his next steps up in life

Just after joining high school in 2016, Hosea discovered the Elimu Resource Centre, which became his haven of books and serenity. Engaging with the vast out-of-the-ordinary digital library with all the resources he could dream of was a turning point for him. It began with staying after closing time to organize the bookshelves and grew into a volunteer commitment that lasted through his high school years. After high school with months to wait before he would join university, he returned to volunteer at ERC and alos took the IT Essentials Cisco course. Today, he assists our Cisco instructor in teaching children and giving demonstrations for practical lessons with our adult students.

Hosea describes the impact of Elimu in his life like this: “Elimu Resource Centre has helped me improve my grades. Without Elimu I don’t know if I would have had the dream of becoming a computer expert. But I thank God, I was able to graduate from high school with a B+ and I succeeded in joining university and am now pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science. I am following my dream.”

Whenever Hosea is home from campus, you will find him at Elimu Resource Centre. He covers the front office, welcomes guests and leads computer training for Elimu’s sewing students. He is adept at the Kolibri Offline eLearning platform. He leads Offline eLearning lessons in the community and trains other interns and volunteers in using the system. Together with our Cisco Instructor, Hosea has co-created the marketing for our Cisco Academy to the community. He is committed to seeing more young people discover careers in IT, the same way he did, by being exposed to the resources and experiences available at Elimu.

Whatever Hosea does, he puts all his heart into it. He is apt to ask questions in areas he feels he needs to learn. His curiosity and eye for detail have gained him respect and opened many opportunities to him at his young age. We are grateful for his years of service to the community through Elimu and will enjoy watching as he aims high to achieve his dreams for a bright and impactful future!

Click here to watch a brief video clip from our YouTube Channel and hear from Hosea in his own words.


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