She was under-valued, voiceless, and at risk of being married off by her parents. This is the story of most of our Elimu Girls. Born and raised in very harsh environments, their only choice in life is to ‘survive’ with absolutely no idea of what tomorrow will bring. In their communities, the male child is of more value than his female counterpart.
One of our students is the female of male – female twins. The boy continues his education at high school, but the girl was destined to remain at home after Grade 8. Some girls never make it to school at all. What would become of this future generation?

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.”

This is the narrative that Elimu is trying to change, empowering her with skills, setting her up to start her own sewing business and improving her economic status. Bringing these girls to Elimu’s sewing project instills in them confidence, hope and most importantly economic empowerment. As an income earner and business woman back in her village, these young women are transformed into providers, advisors and role models. They keep their siblings in school. They make their own choices about marriage. Most own livestock. Some own land and build houses for themselves. They raise their own girls with hope for their futures and put them through school!
During one recent event at their college, the manager reminded them: “Girls, you are the ones to bring transformation to your communities!”


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