Recently our attention was drawn to a spectacular mural, at the tourist market in Malindi. The mural was so vivid and detailed with a clear artistic message of COVID-19 awareness, a project of the government to engage youth with artistic talent and give them an opportunity to get a little income. We couldn’t be more proud of Ibrahim, an Elimu alumni, who took part in this noble project. It was a very competitive selection of artists who had to send in samples of their work and only the best were taken, Ibrahim being part of them.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

There is no greater feeling than watching your dream piece come to life just the way you wanted or being astonished and amazed at how well your work has been received. Ibrahim recalls how he was once in the streets before Elimu showed up in his life, “I am grateful that Elimu saw my passion of art and walked me through my education journey, primary, secondary and even college. I was sponsored and am glad that I went to college to pursue my dream career” he says. It is a dream come true to Ibrahim, since as a young boy he had intense passion for art and today he is a recognized artist who was given an opportunity to educate Kenyans through a historic mural painting. He is now a qualified interior designer and he looks forward to working in his chosen field to share his expertise. His desire is to create unique and amazing designs to the satisfaction of his future clients and we wish him nothing but the best!


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