In 2016 when we launched the mobile digital reading program for special institutions, we had not imagined how big the impact would be years later. So far, we have reached over six hundred learners in special institutions including juvenile, prisons and a rescue home.

A few months ago, while we hosted our Youth Info Forum at Elimu Resource Centre, a young lady in attendance shared how she had developed a love for education from her experience with the mobile digital reading program. She had spent six months at the rescue home and always looked forward to the reading sessions every Friday. She enjoyed reading storybooks from the tablets and catching up on schoolwork. At the time, she was just about to sit for her national primary school exams and so she found the revision materials very useful. Like most children, it was the first time she was reading from a digital device and she found it very interesting. She did well in her exams and transitioned to high school. She is currently in Form three (which is equal to Grade 12).

“Reading gives me hope that I can change my life. I can be anything I desire in life!”

“Having books to read and use for revision gave me hope. The tablets were so much fun to use. All the help I received encouraged me not to give up and to believe in myself. I went back home knowing that if I could study hard at school, then I could change my life.”

A few weeks ago, learners at the rescue home during a thanksgiving celebration testified that the reading sessions have enriched their learning experiences as well as their digital skills. Some had come to the home barely able to read, while others had missed out on school for long periods. All the study materials helped them catch up and gain confidence in their reading.

The opportunity to read gives these children hope that they can still catch up with their peers. That in spite of their difficult situations, they can transform their lives with education. The interactive content like videos and animations piques learners’ curiosity making reading more exciting.

It is our desire to continue spreading hope to learners in special circumstances through the mobile digital reading program. We are thankful to our dedicated team of staff and volunteers who have been instrumental in our journey of ensuring that all learners can access education no matter their surrounding circumstances.


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