Thureiya's Transformation Journey


Thureiya, a dedicated youth mentor in Malindi, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance her ability to support the young people under her guidance. Recognizing the importance of digital skills in today’s world, she embarked on a quest to further her own knowledge. Her mission was clear: to better serve the young minds she passionately works with, she needed to enhance her digital skills. Elimu’s Cisco Networking Academy proved to be the perfect launchpad for her ambitions.Thureiya's Transformation Journey

Thureiya eagerly enrolled in the Cisco ICT Essentials course. She candidly expressed, “Prior to this, I felt like a complete novice when it came to computers, but now, I possess knowledge that I can pass on to my own children and my community.”

At the age of forty, Thureiya stands as a testament to Elimu’s impact. She now proudly touts her ability to configure and manage networking devices with finesse, tackle common IT issues with confidence, and utilize the web for her everyday research needs. The profound transformation in her life through her journey at Elimu’s Cisco Networking Academy left an indelible mark on her and she joyfully shares her story with others.

Inspired by her own transformation, Thureiya has taken it upon herself to guide and mentor the youth she works with as a teacher (?). Her vision is clear: to encourage and empower 100 young individuals from Malindi to follow in her footsteps and pursue IT courses.

Thureiya’s journey at Elimu’s Cisco Networking Academy is a testament to the life-changing opportunities offered at Elimu Resource Centre, as it continues to empower individuals and communities through the power of education and digital proficiency.


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