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Together we impact their lives, then they impact their families, villages, communities, and workplaces. Meet the young people who have passed through Elimu in one way or another and see how it brightened the future for them. You can help us keep making brighter futures with a contribution to our projects.


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Elimu empowers learners to increase academic and digital literacy, improve school retention and encourage self-sustainability through employment planning and entrepreneurship. 

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From 'burden' to provider

As an Elimu sewing graduate Janet proudly announced “I am no longer a burden to my parents!” Later her parents passed away and she became the provider for her siblings.

From deadend to a college grad!

Margaret’s dream of flying didn’t seem possible with no one to pay high school fees. But Elimu did that and she made it to aviation college where she trained as a cabin crew.

From a dropout to empowered educator

Rose dropped out in Grade 4. By age 18 with two children she was desperate. With her sewing training from Elimu she is now giving her children the education she never had.

The 1st of 9 to complete secondary

Her seven siblings never made it to high school and Magdalene’s fate looked the same until Elimu got involved. Today she is the first high school graduate of her family.

From uncertainty to leadership

David used to be sent home for lack of school fees. So he would jump the fence and sneak into class. Elimu helped him complete high school. Today he is putting himself through university.

Opportunity knocked and she dove in.

The last of 8 Caroline’s future was to be early marriage like her sisters. But with Elimu helped her start her own sewing business. She is making a name for herself in her community.

From voiceless to a youth advisor

As the last of 10 Janet had no hope of education. But Elimu gave her a sewing business and digital skills. Today she is volunteers as a community youth advisor in her village.

Made it to high school and college

As the oldest at Nyumbani Kwetu Home, Sarah is the first in the family to complete high school and achieve a college diploma as well. The rest are following her footsteps.

From doodler to designer

Ibrahim did not realize as a child that his drawing was his future. But with a little guidance he found his talent. Today, he is an Interior Designer building his own business.

Running her own clothing line

After graduating from our sewing project, Maryam wanted to get to work immediately. She branded her business Superwoman Designs and sews garments inspired by the superwomen in her life.

Her machine speaks for her

When everyone had lost hope in Pendo’s ability to learn, she worked hard and graduated with a certificate in tailoring. Her machine now speaks for her as she makes beautiful garments and even looks forward to teaching her mother the craft of sewing.

Microcredit group changed her life

Before joining our microcredit group for parents, Harriet was a small business owner struggling to educate and feed her children. Today, she can take loans to boost her business in tough times. She saves regularly and prepares for the future!

From Penniless to Business owner

Not having a source of income, Peninnah could not afford food for her family. When she joined Elimu’s SILC for parents, Peninnah started saving and was able to set up a sewing business. She now comfortably provides for her family.

Honing her passion in journalism

Her volunteering experiences at the Centre motivated Lavender to grow her skills in photography and journalism. She is now headed for a career in the media field!

From unsure to IT enthusiast

When Christine finished high school, she was unsure what would become of her life. But through volunteering at Elimu, she found her passion in IT and help to procure a bursary for college.

From shy student to STEM instructor

Wanjiku started  her internship experience  shy and  reserved . She sharpened her people skills by volunteering in our Cisco Networking Academy . She is now at  university  and volunteers teaching children and youth STEM approaches to education.

From night guard to school president

With no one to  pay fees, before Elimu, Duncan worked as a night guard to pay his own way. He missed many school days but he never gave up . He is now the president to the student leadership  at his school.

Leaving her mark in ICT

From a college diploma, she now inspires girls and women in the community to find their spark in ICT.

Sharing his creative energy with the world.

It started as a passion working behind the camera. He now he does what he does best; creating engaging content.

From dead end to a new start!

Penina is the only girl in her family to complete primary school, but she couldn’t get to high school. Elimu started her off with her own business and now she helps support her single mum.

Fending for himself

When his mum died Jackson had no one to rely on. Elimu got him through high school and helped him apply for his first job after graduation. Today he provides for himself.

A late start to a bright future!

James started school late because of lack of fees. But once enrolled by Elimu he caught up and excelled. Today he is in college working his way to a career in journalism!

She rose above the challenges!

Poor health got Maria labelled ‘weak’ but her true quality is perseverance. Sewing skills changed her status and made her a provider. She proudly owns livestock.

From out-of-school to top of class!

Joseph’s happiest day was his first day of school! It nearly didn’t happen. Elimu’s support and all the school supplies he needed made him top of the class. Now he is at university.

Tech changed his future!

Volunteering at Elimu Resource Centre, Hosea gained digital skills that he couldn’t get at school. Today he is pursuing computer science at university.

In future you’ll call him Dr. Njoroge!

Before Elimu schooling was on and off. But with resources and mentorship Njoroge gained 125 marks in just one year! He is currently at college pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor.

From no way to her own way!

Merciline started sewing college and loved it but fees ran out. Elimu stepped in, kept up her training and gave her a machine. Now she is saving to open her own workshop.

She fought for a different path!

Her sister was married in primary school, but with Elimu Mariamu followed a different path. Her sewing income gave her the freedom to move her business to another village.

From dependence to self-reliance!

Priscah and 10 siblings depended on one brother for everything. With Elimu she found the joy of starting a sewing business. She’s helping put her siblings through school.

Seeing a brighter

All 12 sisters were married off. But Nancy’s sewing skills and machine set her on a different path. She’s a breadwinner and recently bought her first pair of eye glasses.

From almost giving up to aiming high!

Naomi would have dropped out but with Elimu she completed high school. As an intern at Elimu Resource Centre she gained digital skills and the guidance to make it to university.

Modelling entrepreneurship!

Mary was to be married off but her local priest brought her to Elimu. Now she runs a sewing business and built herself a traditional home with a room to rent for extra cash.

She escaped child bride after Gr. 8!

Her parish priest helped Dorothy join Elimu’s sewing program instead of being married off after Grade 8. Her skills gave her freedom to start her business away from her rural village.

From no options to teaching girls.

As one of 8 children, Salome’s options after Gr. 8 were few. But with sewing training from Elimu and a new machine she started her own business and now trains other girls in her village.

Resistance led to following her dream!

Amina fought for her voice. She worked as a “house girl” to pay for sewing training but the salary was too little. Elimu sponsored her and two years later she started her business.

From getting a boost to boosting his mum!

With no one to pay his school fees, before Elimu, Duncan worked as a night guard to pay his own way. He missed many school days but he never gave up. He is now the President to the student leadership at his school.

from hopeless to inspired

Miriam had given up hope when her mother could not afford to keep her in school. When Elimu came in and paid her high school fees in a boarding school, Miriam found inspiration to study and aim for a career in nursing.