Mission and Vision

Learning For Life

At Elimu, we are co-creating a learning community where self-directed learners use digital technology to achieve their goals and build better futures.

Elimu Vision

Kenyan children and their families are empowered with the confidence, skills and self-awareness to help break the cycle of poverty, instill independence, and build thriving, prosperous communities.

Elimu Mission

To provide Kenyan communities access to the education, skills and support they need to realize their full potential.

Elimu Values


Elimu, the organization, our approach, our focus on vulnerable members of society – it all evolved out of the lived Christian faith of our founder.


Passion: a strong desire to do amazing things. Dedication: a powerful force with which to shape our lives and realize our goals.


Collaboration focuses us on identifying a common purpose; it tends to be loosely structured, highly adaptive, and inherently creative.


Co-creation welcomes a wide range of voices both ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’ into our innovation process with the aim of finding solutions that better gel with the needs of the community.


Interdependence is being fully human; it is about becoming our best selves while ensuring those around us, even those we’ll never meet, get a chance at becoming better too.


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Impact Testimonials from our Alumni

Our YouTube Channel is a great place to meet our alumni and hear directly from them how Elimu has made a difference in their lives.
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About Elimu

Elimu empowers learners to increase academic and digital literacy, improve school retention and encourage self-sustainability through employment planning and entrepreneurship. 

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