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In 2018, Elimu introduced an edtech platform called Kolibri to our Mobile Digital Reading Program. Developed by US-based Learning Equality, Kolibri is specially designed to provide offline access to a curated open licensed library of educational content. This is the right solution for Kenya with its unstable electrical supply and expensive internet. 

Students and teachers gain access to quality educational resources using any Wi-Fi enabled devices including tablets, laptops and Smartphones. It is free to the end-user and secure from negative or malicious online activity. Students can learn at their own pace as well as in the standard group setting and teachers can easily track their class performance. Teachers can digitize their own learning materials and test papers and upload them to the platform for their students. This gives teachers further control over integrating Offline eLearning activities with their regular lesson plans. Elimu is working with certified teachers to produce relevant specific content for the Kenyan curriculum. Our training program is hands-on for teachers and students and gets classrooms up and running with Offline eLearning in just three days.

Elimu is part of a small Kolibri community in Kenya (and a large global community) that is working from their various perspectives to introduce this Offline eLearning approach into schools, especially in rural, under-resourced communities where the need is greatest.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our EdTech Manager designed an innovation to the Kolibri platform which distributes the Wifi signal of the server over a network of robust routers to distances beyond 10 km away.  With this edtech innovation, one computer server can provide access to educational resources across an entire school compound and even beyond to the surrounding community. Our goal is seamless learning with students accessing quality digital content in their classrooms and ultimately also in their homes via any type of Wifi-enabled devices. It is an effective affordable solution that will continue to have relevance well after COVID-19 in the under-resourced public education system in Kenya and beyond.

The Journey


Elimu’s Offline eLearning Solution continues to expand to nine more sites. Through a collaboration with Chalice in Kenya, we added six more schools as well as three learning centres and the program offices of Chalice partners in five counties in Kenya.


Offline Intranet Resource Centre at Garissa High School

We partnered with UNESCO and the Ministry of Education, Kenya, to set up a pilot Offline Intranet Resource Centre at Garissa High School in July 2022.


Extended Offline eLearning to three more schools across Kenya.


Pilot Offline eLearning Solution for Schools

We established a pilot test with a local primary school, St.Paul's Kindergarten & Primary School, with students using tablets loaned by Elimu to access the Kolibri server hosted at Elimu Resource Centre a distance 3 km away.


introduced Offline eLearning Solution at Elimu Resource Centre

, With a laptop server in classrooms, hundreds of vulnerable learners in local schools, prisons, the juvenile remand centre and a rescue home gained access to the educational resources they need to succeed at learning and build brighter futures for themselves.


Students reported improved academic performance
0 %
Teachers teaching experienced has become more efficient
10 0 %
learners currently accessing Offline eLearning Solution.
500 0 +
teachers trained to manage the platform in the classroom
170 +

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Elimu empowers learners to increase academic and digital literacy, improve school retention and encourage self-sustainability through employment planning and entrepreneurship. 

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