Elimu Resource Centre

Elimu Resource Centre

A digital hub for learners The Centre enhances access to education, improves digital literacy in the community and helps youth after high school to find pathways to more meaningful futures through skills development, employment planning and entrepreneurship.
Preparing youth for the digital economy Elimu’s solution for providing hands-on digital experience to prepare youth, especially after high school graduation, for future study and work in the modern job market.
Digital literacy solutions for teachers An off-site or distance learning solution for teachers to be able to offer digital literacy classes for Kenya’s competence based curriculum.
Practical work skills and hands-on experience Elimu’s Youth Futures Program transfers digital skills and work experience to youth in Kenya who lack resources and services to help them plan for their futures.
Boosting income generation for sewing artisans The Space is an incubation platform for growing fashion designers. It provides modern textile equipment and digital resources which young artisans cannot find in their villages nor afford to buy for themselves.
Boosting income generation for sewing artisans The community of Malindi, Kenya, has an innovative solution to their educational gaps. At Elimu Resource Centre, they find a bright conducive learning environment, all the resources they need, in digital or paper format, and an active workspace to interact with peers. As they learn how to use Kindles, tablets and computers they also gain digital literacy.

The Journey

Inspired by the children in our projects, Elimu Resource Centre was created to bridge gaps at school—over-crowded classrooms, lack of textbooks, not enough teachers, as well as poor study environments at home. Our first priority was offering solutions for poor children in the under-resourced public school system. Easy-to-use digital resources and self-directed study skills help students build self-drive and confidence in their learning.
Opened in 2016, the original Elimu Resource Centre was a one-room community library with a capacity for about 80 students. In that first year around 8,000 student visits were recorded.
In 2018, the Centre moved to a new four-storey building which accommodates up to 300 per day and provides separate study spaces for primary and high school students. In 2019, we recorded over 15,000 student visits. Our numbers are growing again post-pandemic.

About Elimu

Elimu empowers learners to increase academic and digital literacy, improve school retention and encourage self-sustainability through employment planning and entrepreneurship. 

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