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We can achieve more together. Elimu's work would not be possible without its many supporters, partners and donors. Alliances with other organisations make it possible to exchange knowledge and work more efficiently. This benefits the donors, and above all the people in the project countries. Elimu's work is funded by donations from individuals, institutional donors and foundations.

Elimu is grateful for our collaboration with Chalice (Canada) which enables us to deliver offline eLearning to schools and communities across Kenya.

Elimu works with Cisco Networking Academy (East Africa) to deliver high quality digital skills to Kenyan communities.

Elimu gratefully acknowledges the ongoing collaboration of Elimu Girls whose support and shared vision have helped us to grow Elimu Sewing Project, to establish the Artisan Maker Space and to develop exciting partnerships for our sewing alumni.

Elimu is grateful to the Heri Ministry Sewing Project for their ongoing support which has made Elimu Sewing Project a success.

Elimu’s collaboration with Learning Equality (USA) lead to the establishment of our Offline eLearning Solution which is currently being deployed in schools and other learning environments.

Elimu gratefully acknowledges the support of the Peterborough K. M. Hunter Charitable Foundation which helps us provide post-secondary education assistance to youth.

Elimu greatly appreciates the contributions of the Ptarmigan Foundation (Canada) towards the growth and development of our educational projects especially the Stay in School Project.

Elimu gratefully acknowledges the kind support of Rotary Club of Ottawa (Canada) towards our Stay in School Project.

Elimu gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of the St. John’s Legacy Foundation which helped us to develop our Offline eLearning Solution.

Elimu acknowledges with gratitude the support of the Call of the Poor Foundation (Canada) which has helped keep Nyumbani Kwetu Home for Children running.

Elimu is grateful to the Charis Foundation (Canada) for their ongoing support which has made Elimu Resource Centre possible.

About Elimu

Elimu empowers learners to increase academic and digital literacy, improve school retention and encourage self-sustainability through employment planning and entrepreneurship. 

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