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Making a Difference

Elimu is well placed to make a difference.

Educating a child is a huge challenge in Kenya. There are fees for nursery and high school. Primary school is so-called “free education” however; there are fees for admission, tutoring and development. Parents often contribute to salaries for additional teachers because of the shortage of government employed teachers. On top of these costs, every child needs uniforms. Yet, for truly needy families, even providing pens and pencils is difficult.

Tourism was the primary industry in Malindi. But it has been decimated by terror attacks around Kenya. Old ways of making a living are dying out. With an education system built on fees and cost recovery, it’s getting ever more difficult for parents to promise their children a better future.

There is a positive side. In a society where education has not traditionally been valued, attitudes are changing. Adults are pursuing independent studies to complete high school. Post secondary institutions that were never present in Malindi are now establishing centres. There is a greater understanding of the need to succeed at high school and aim for post secondary studies. The world of digital technology is breaking through barriers. Working online, connecting with individuals and organizations locally and globally is opening access to new types of work. The Kenyan government understands this and has made a commitment to support digital learning in schools—but infrastructure is poor and implementation is painstakingly slow.

Education can change the picture and that is where Elimu is well placed to make a difference. With your help, we will do so much more.

Mentorship—Not Just Education

Every child needs at least one person who really believes in him/her.

Our goal is to help children develop self-awareness, confidence and the skills for directing their own futures. We aim to ensure that children grow into independent, confident and self-aware adults. From experience we know that to succeed in life every child needs at least one person who really believes in him or her. The Elimu mentorship program aims to be that one who believes.

School fees and uniforms will take kids to school, but will not necessarily keep them there. Success in learning requires more than funding. Close interaction with children led to the development of Elimu’s mentorship program. Children need values, life skills and a belief in themselves and the future in order to succeed.

All Elimu staff act as mentors for our children. We guide them in their learning and in the process share our values and personal experience. We also join with partners in our community to provide life skills, training and counselling.

Collaboration is Key

Local partners lead the solutions to problems in their communities.

Elimu’s approach is collaboration and partnership. We advance by sharing and listening to the needs and dreams of those we serve and the community that surrounds us. Local partners lead the solutions to problems in their communities. Elimu’s involvement helps them to expand and improve the quality of their activities.

Local partners manage both Elimu’s sewing program and Upendo school. A local advisory board guides the resource centre. Our Stay in School project gains from the advice of local educators. This approach impacts more children with better programming because we all work together. And, together we develop the best solutions that incorporate everyone’s expertise.

Counting Our Blessings

A Touch of Faith

The Elimu team is a group of people from different cultural and professional experiences and a variety of faith backgrounds united by one common goal of providing disadvantaged and impoverished children with hope for the future through education.

Those of us on the ground in Kenya, count our blessings as we acknowledge that our individual efforts are magnified through our work together. The achievements we have made are a testimony to God's faithfulness. Elimu is not an evangelical organization; however, each of those serving children in Kenya does so from a living Christian faith. We readily serve all faith backgrounds without reserve.